Farming Simulator 15

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  • There isn't a lot of reason to play on any difficulty level but Easy. Even on Easy expanding your farm and equipment will be slow, the other difficulties only increase the amount of grinding you have to do because stuff sells for less.
  • Learn to exploit the time compression. 15x or 30x is probably what you'll want to sit at most of the time, but you can crank it up faster while waiting for crops to grow or the sun to rise (farming at night sucks), or dial it back slower if you have a limited time window to sell crops at a high price. If you leave crop withering on you probably want to be careful not to go too high though.
  • Always fertilize your fields as soon as you plant or cultivate them. Fertilized fields produce roughly double the yield. You don't start with a fertilizer attachment, so it should be the first thing you buy.
  • Generally you should just dump crops in storage and wait for a special dea - ou'll get a window that pops up saying something like "Loading Square is buying Sugar Beets for an increased price for the next 12 hours". Alternatively you can save your crops for demand missions, which can give huge bonuses if you deliver things quickly. (Though you'll probably need a bigger trailer than the one you start with to do a lot of them)
  • Early on lawnmowing missions are a good way of making money. You can complete them quickly and you don't even have to be thoroug - ou can leave giant patches of uncut grass smack in the middle of the lawn/field but as long as a certain percentage of the area is cut it still counts as completing the mission.
  • Sell your equipment directly at the store rather than through the access-anywhere store menu. You'll get around 20% more for it that way.
  • Also when it comes to equipment, for most types the more you pay, the less micromanagement you'll have to deal with.
  • Canola is a trap cro - t looks really attractive because it sells for so much more and you don't need any specialized equipment to harvest it, but it has low yields so in terms of profit it's actually slightly inferior to wheat and barley.
  • Corn is even worse than canola, it requires specialized equipment to harvest and has the lowest profit of all the crops in the game. There's not a lot of reason to put much investment in it.
  • Potatoes and sugar beets look terrible at first glanc - hey need multiple types of specialized equipment to harvest and sell for less per ton than the other crop - ut they're actually the most profitable crops in the game because their yields are enormous.
  • Beehives/Solar panels/Wind turbines will all make you cash without you having to do anything. It takes a while to recoup the cost (about 25 game days) but it adds up after a while. Theoretically you could probably just buy a bunch of them and leave the game running overnight, but you'd have to do that for a while to make any real sort of cash.
  • Logging and raising animals can be very profitable but requires specialized equipment and a lot of micromanagement. Before you dump a lot of cash into them decide whether or not you want to bother with front loaders, hay balers, or log cranes, because you'll need them to make any sort of decent cash off of them.