Hollow Knight

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  • You can double-tap your map button to open the larger map.
  • If you're having trouble with an enemy, try jumping and slashing downward. This also refreshes jump abilities, and is a necessary skill by midgame.
  • Don't worry too much about any Geo you lose by dying, you'll have plenty by the end and it's easy enough to grind for it if you really need to.
  • You can't miss anything that counts towards 100% completion, but you can miss some enemy journals. If you're anywhere that seems ephemeral, make sure you get all available entries there.
  • Your air mobility is much better than your land mobility at first. Whenever you're fighting something, either be in the air, or let it come to you.
  • If you are going for 100%, the most obtuse charm can only be found
    when you have 15 or more Blue Masks
  • Experiment with different charms; very few of them are actually bad, some just don't suit certain playstyles. Some interact in interesting ways.
  • You will want to use different charms when you're fighting bosses than when you're just exploring.
  • The living have dreams too.
  • You will lock yourself out of the first ending when you
    transform the complete two-part charm into something else
    , so if you want to see that ending, make sure to fight the final boss first. (You'll continue from outside the boss room when you reload.)