Prey (2017)

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  • Do the main quest line until you get the Psychoscope so you can start researching Typhons, once you get it explore wherever the hell you want. Talos I is fairly open with only a few plot related gates
  • Get the "increased recycling yields" and inventory size upgrade neuromods ASAP
  • The two most useful Typhon abilities are Mimic Matter 1 and Psychoshock. Mimic Matter is used to get into rooms with the indestructible slats with the small opening at the bottom or stuff where it's too hard to aim with the nerf gun. Psychoshock is useful against the stronger Typhons as it disables their psi-abilities AND makes them susceptible to other damage types
  • The GLOO cannon can make stairs to get to hard to reach places
  • The nerf gun can be used to interact with computers and override buttons from a distance and through broken windows
  • The GLOO cannon and nerf gun can also be used to kill cystoids and their nests
  • Upgrade the shotgun first (especially its firepower) to make combat more bearable
  • Recycle grenades can be used to bypass objects that have a Leverage requirement
  • In the early game, neuromods are in short supply. This changes gradually (you will soon be able to fabricate them), so don't fret about choosing one upgrade over another. Some that I would suggest getting sooner than later are the first suit upgrade (as your inventory gets full pretty darn easily and there isn't always a recycler nearby), and the one that gives you more materials from recyclers.
  • You don't need the leverage upgrade in order to move heavy things out of your way. Toss a recycler grenade at the object in question and it'll either move or become materials. Either way, the heavy object is now out of your path, and it didn't cost you any neuromods.
  • Sometimes, when you complete a substantial plot-related objective, enemies spawn in areas you've cleaned out. Don't just dash for the recycler/fabricator to unload, thinking the path will still be clear.
  • Moving while crouched makes it really difficult for enemies to detect you. Combine this with the "lean from cover" buttons and the silenced pistol, and you can end a lot of fights before the enemy can figure out where it's being fired on from.
  • Don't be stingy with suit repair kits. You'll be swimming in them by the end of early-game, and having a fully-repaired suit can and will save your life.
  • Don't feel like you need hacking in the early game. Maybe take level one for access to some loot that will make your life easier, but just about any door/safe/whatever you don't have the skill for will still be there later. Make a note of where things you can't open are and revisit them later.