The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

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  • Use Battle Focus all the time. If it has been more then 10 seconds and you haven't used Battle Focus you're wrong.
  • If you don't give your squadmates directions, they aren't very good. If you tell them to fire at a target, they do much more damage.
  • Spam your abilities. Things that give you reduced cooldowns are really good. When hiring new Agents, choosing the reduced cooldown perk is a good idea.
  • If you see a Minion Commander or Tech Commander make them your first target. They can throw out drones that heal.
  • Try to always use abilities to compliment each other. Using Lift then Critical Shot is crazy powerful.
  • Spam your abilities.
  • For Dispatch missions think about the ranks of the Agents when it comes to the order you send them. If you send a Rank 4 and another Rank 4 right after him on an 8 difficulty mission, you can only send those two. If you send a Rank 4, then a Rank 3, and put another Rank 4, you didn't hit the cap until the third soldier. All three can go.
  • This is an XCOM game, so the hardest missions are the first ones after the tutorial. Once you find better weapons and get some levels it gets easier. Death is also permanent. Flanking enemies does a lot of damage.
  • All the classes are useful. Take different combinations of classes to see how they pair together.