Yakuza 0

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  • You cannot permanently miss anything.
  • To get strong enough to have a master teach you new moves, you need to have unlocked an ability space next to one of the locked 'M' spaces.
  • Save before taking on Mr. Shakedown if there's a phonebooth nearby, chances are good they'll clean you out so being able to load is a godsend.
  • In the top-left of the map is a pretty damn big minigame for Kiryu.
  • To get new arcade games, max out the friendship meter of the arcade lady within the SEGA arcades, one in each city.
  • If every enemy suddenly becomes way more aggressive, you've equipped an accessory that pisses them off.

Business Management

  • Businesses are a much better source of money than random enemies so don't bother grinding the latter.
  • Kiryu can hire many people you encounter in substories as managers later by talking to them, usually outside of your office.
  • Often if there's a business you can advertise in or purchase that has a character with a friendship bar in it, you need to max out that friendship bar first.