13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

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  • This is probably something you already know since it is part of the selling point of the game, but in case you don't: the narrative is non-linear and chronologically out of order, so expect to see a lot of things that will not make sense right away and may in fact not make sense until a second play through.
  • When choosing which abilities to upgrade, look out for party members with something called a "Hyper Condenser." This will upgrade another of that party member's abilities, making those units very powerful if you upgrade those abilities and use them in battle (make sure to equip the Hyper Condenser as a skill after unlocking it though).
  • You never need to use the rest function and lose your score multiplayer. If a unit is suffering from brain overload, they'll automatically reset to 0 and be useable again after you play another mission. So if you're about to go into a mission and you want to use one of your overloaded characters, just go back and replay the first mission or something with your B-team and your overloaded A-team units will be good to go.
  • Sentry guns are stupidly overpowered
  • Even though the story looks like there's a bunch of branching places, it's almost totally linear.