Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

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  • All skill are useful, and you will need most of them. Every character needs a combat skill, but don't go small arms on all, use a mix of big guns and energy weapons too.
  • The doctor will probably be the most used character. You can't chug stimpaks like you did in F2, first aid and doctor is the best healing here. Sneak / lockpick / traps character is incredibly useful too, for scouting, clearing and setting traps.
  • Different ammo types - don't waste AP bullets on unarmored targets, but don't try to shoot robots with regular bullets. This had a huge impact in F1 / F2, but here it's even worse.
  • Different races have different uses - ghouls are weak but can easily walk into radiated areas (there aren't that many though), dogs gain perks every other level, super mutants are very vulnerable (low armor) but devastating with big guns.
  • Burst weapons fired at long range will probably miss. However, due to weird hit calculations, if there's another person within the "cone" of burst spread next to the person the burst was aimed at, there's a good chance they'll get hit. Conclusion - when facing enemies with strong burst weapons, have your party spread out. And on the contrary, feel free to fire a burst at a bunch of enemies clumped together at long distance - at least some of them will get hit.