Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

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  • Use a headphone & don't worry too much about the early warning.
  • If you turn on subtitles, they will show only specific voices, not all.
  • Sometimes interactables cannot be Focused on until you are on a specific distance away from it: need to go closer or further until a circle appears.
  • When you are in the correct area for the symbol puzzle, you will see the small symbols floating in the air + the "guiding" symbol will appear in the middle of your screen now when you Focus - verticality may still matter though.
  • Listen to your voices in combat - subtitles are very helpful here to highlight the important ones over the others.
  • If you are knocked down the first time in combat, you are not actually dead yet especially if the voices urge you on - just spam dodge.
  • Your health regens naturally in combat, and will refill completely once you trigger a power unlocked during the first boss fight.
  • You still need to hold Sprint button to run in combat even if Sprint toggle is on. For example, use Sprint + melee attack (F in PC) to knock away shields before attacking.
  • If you have a torch, you can Interact with unlighted braziers/torches to light them up.