Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption

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Essential Tips

  • Elective classes (which you are offered after you pass the first written exam) only really start to benefit you once you take the advanced version of the class, during the second semester. If you want to take an elective, go all in instead of diversifying.
  • First Aid allows you to craft healing and buff items. Science allows you to craft single-use damage and debuff items. Magic gives you runes earlier than you'd be able to find / buy them.
  • Runes and traps can be used once per combat encounter. Every other item is single-use only.
  • You can "backstab" enemies who haven't noticed you - click on them while they are within Shawn's movement radius. You don't actually have to be sneaking, but it helps.
  • Most of the time, the game will outright tell you "you can now access an area" or "this is your last chance to do a thing". Don't worry too much about trying to get past plot-mandated doors before they are automatically opened for you.
  • Some gifts can raise people's opinion of you even if they aren't accepted. However, you generally only have one chance to offer the "one and only" ring to someone - unlike other presents, you can't try again when your relationship is higher.
  • There's exactly one "adventure game" puzzle in the game - when trying to eavesdrop on someone, you want to click on a nearby statue instead of sneaking up to them.
  • You'll get one chance to erase your demerits by breaking into Terk's office.
  • Just about everything sold by the Fence in the catacombs will be available for sale in the school at a later date, at a major discount.

Daily schedule and training

  • You'll get all the climbing practice you need by walking the tight rope. No need to train Climbing separately.
  • There's a limit to how much you can improve each skill by training each day (by actually using the skill - you can read books and get several increases per day independent of training). Don't waste your time trying to raise a skill that's currently "trained out".
  • If you want to get the "beat everyone at their favorite game" achievement, aim to defeat Sosi at billiards as soon as possible - he can't be challenged for a fairly major portion of the game.
  • If you get to your elective class before 4:15, you still get credit. You have just enough time to practice one skill in the training room and chat to a bunch of people along the way.
  • You get a higher boost to your stats the first time you read a new book.
  • Every day: Take an apple from the bowl in the dining room (steal an extra apple when your stealth gets high enough), check upstairs after dinner to see if anyone is talking in the Teacher Lounge / Darla's Wing, and pluck two red roses in the downstairs garden. This gives you a cache of gifts and useful info.
  • If you're taking actions that use up time but don't kick you out of a menu, you won't automatically go to bed at 1 am. This is mostly relevant for one reason - you can train your lockpicking skills by repeatedly trying to open the infirmary door (for instance) for "free" at the end of the day, because no game time is actually spent.