Planescape: Torment

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  • PS:T is a game of dialogue so keep speaking to everyone, including your own companions. This is one title where Friends is a more useful spell than Magic Missile.
  • Wisdom, Intelligence, and Charisma in that order are the most important stats in the game as they unlock the most conversation options. You can learn to be a Mage by doing a quest in Ragpicker's Square, making the other combat stats even less important.
  • Make sure you retrieve both your abilities (Raise Dead and Stories-Bones-Tell) by speaking to Deionarra on the ground floor of the Mortuary and Stale Mary in the Dead Nation, respectively.
  • Dying is not the end. If you die, don't reload - roll with it.
  • Don't be afraid to join a faction. You can always leave them and join another once you've finished all their quests.
  • Some items worth keeping include a Hammer, a Prybar and one piece of junk. On the more unique end the Bronze Sphere and Soego's Skull are also have an use later.
  • Fell the tattoo artist is worth coming back to regularly, as you progress through quests he'll offer more tattoos and experience rewards. Should you find a certain severed arm, that's also worth bringing back to him and letting Dak'kon translate it when you do.
  • Morte's teeth can be upgraded. Ingress, who will be northwest of where you emerge from the Mortuary, has the first set you can get.