Resident Evil: Revelations

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  • Its best to either have a pistol or a machine gun on you at all times. If one is low on ammo, then use the other.
  • You can stun the oozes by shooting both of their arms til they go limp, which leaves them open for a melee attack.
  • Hunters can be stunned by shooting them while they are charging.
  • The Rifle will have tons of ammo for it and is very powerful. It should almost always be in your inventory.
  • The first boss fight is the hardest one in the game, thanks to your weak weapons, infinitely respawning enemies, and the bosses instant kill attack when he gets close.
  • Pretty much none of the DLC is worth it. The guns are all things that you can unlock pretty early.
  • When you are swimming, you actually regain health by resurfacing for air.
  • There is a new enemy in the HD ports of the game that hangs from the walls and ceilings. Don't let it get close to you because it is a instant kill.
  • To dodge, either pretty up on the control stick at the exact moment an attack is supposed to hit you or press down + action to dodge and turn around facing the opposite way.
  • The fat oozes that explode can be defeated easily by shooting their legs until they fall. They explode automatically after a few seconds.
  • Scan everything. Items are hidden in the environment that cant be found unless you scan for them. If a room is big enough, items may not show up on the scanner until you get closer.