Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

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  • Mugen can carry two corpses at once, and run while at it too. The women carry corpses slower, but are considered crouching while doing so which can be extremely handy.
  • All bushes "eat" corpses, removing them permanently.
  • There's no downside to killing everyone, unless going for a level challenge.
  • You can punch an unconscious NPC to keep them knocked out for longer. Also, Takuma's grenades can be switched to a non-lethal version from the skill bar.
  • Civilians can be disposed of non-lethally by knocking them out and throwing them inside a building. NPCs can't climb, so another option is tossing them to a spot they can't escape from. This method also works for guards.
  • If a peasant sees you they'll go get a guard, but no reinforcements will be spawned unless the guard sees you too.
  • Hold down 'D' (by default) to tell Kuma to return to Takuma.