Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

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  • Choose an alignment (LS or DS) and stick to it; you get a bonus for maxing it out.
  • Don't spend the level-up points you get after level 4 or so until after you leave the first planet and your character changes (You'll know what I mean when it happens, it's a pretty major change). More options will open up for character progression and you'll want points for that.
  • Flurry is pretty awesome, but mostly at higher levels. At the first rank it misses a lot, especially if you are dual-wielding, so it might be more useful to do normal attacks until you get a couple points in it.
  • Don't give yourself any feats that have to do with firing guns. Guns are not useful for your main character.
  • If you get the opportunity to purchase a translator droid, do it. It opens up pretty major content with regards to party dialogue.