Tales Of Destiny

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  • The game has really weird difficulty spikes where everything is going easy but suddenly it gets butt fucking hard. Grinding is generally slow and useless so you'll just have to tough out the harder fights and change your tactics up.
  • Don't sell any equipment until after a certain point. Midway through you'll reach a part where you think the game is ending but it's only an intermission. You lose all your money at this point but keep your items and after that you can start selling shit.
  • You can hold the direction button towards the enemy to stop from running back to your position.
  • A short while into the game you'll get an item called "C. Counter", which adds the ability to turn the combo counter in battle on or off, in the options screen. By default it is off, but you should turn it on immediately. With the combo counter ON, you get extra experience on top of the battle experience for your highest combo during the battle.