Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

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  • NEVER stop moving. This is a run and gun shooter closer to DOOM than Call of Duty.
  • Try not to stealth so hard like Dishonored. Most combat sections end up a murder rampage.
  • After you meet pig, you can go into the mess hall pantry and grab some potatoes to feed him between every mission. This does nothing mechanically.
  • Take time between missions to wander through the base. All the characters have great interactions with each other and does a lot to humanize them. To give you an example I thought seeing two people playing chess would go on forever but it actually ended in a fight. Ironically enough I would say the writing and characters are the strongest points of the game while the gunplay feels lacking.
  • In terms of upgrades and what not just get whatever you think would be fun. You get enough if you explore a bit that you can fully upgrade most of the weapons. Don't be afraid to use one on a weapon you don't use much if you just want to check it out.
  • I don't remember if its ever mentioned but putting an empty heavy weapon back in a weapon cradle refills it.
  • Don't play it on a harder difficulty until you've gone through the game for a while. If it feels too easy and you really like the combat than bump it up.