Yakuza 0

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  • When you first get to the city, grab some healing items from the convenience store to make an early boss fight easier.
  • You cannot permanently miss anything, eventually you can switch between protagonists and time of day at will.
  • Making the right choices in sidequests earns you better rewards, but you're not locked out of anything critical even if you goof around.
  • You can make a variety of fun weapons with crafting, but it's not necessary for beating the game.
  • Buildings in the mini-map are colour-coded: Orange = food/drink. Yellow = store. Purple = activity. Blue = story location.
  • The clown near a shrine offers free DLC items, separate for both characters.
  • Don't take on Mr. Shakedown without saving first unless you're very confident.
  • To get new arcade games, max out the friendship meter of the arcade lady within the SEGA arcades, one in each city.
  • When given the choice between black and white boxes as Kiryu, the better reward is in
    the black one

Combat, Abilities & Equipment

  • Heat actions are very context-sensitive, and a lot more weapons than you'd think have unique animations.
  • Health upgrades are shared between all combat styles.
  • To get strong enough to have a master teach you new moves, you need to have unlocked an ability space next to one of the locked 'M' spaces.
  • Remember to make use of weapons and equipment but make sure to check their effects too, some might have effects you don't want like attracting more fights.

Business Management

  • Businesses are a much better source of money than random enemies so don't bother grinding the latter.
  • Kiryu can hire many people you encounter in substories as managers later by talking to them, usually outside of your office.
  • Often if there's a business you can advertise in or purchase that has a character with a friendship bar in it, you need to max out that friendship bar first.
  • A sidequest unlocked after a major plot beat in the business awards Kiryu with an item which highlights sidequests on the map.