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  • If the original campaign starts feeling dry, the expansions Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark make up their own two-part story meant to be started with a fresh level 1 character which is universally considered more interesting than the main one.
  • Make sure to recruit one of the available henchmen when playing the main campaign, preferably one that complements your own character's class. The Thief (Tomi Undergallows), Cleric (Linu La'Neral) and Barbarian (Daelan Red Tiger) are particularly useful depending on what you need.
  • Henchman AI isn't the best, so set commands such as "attack" and "follow" to your hotbars to have an easier time getting them to do what you want.
  • Straightforward melee classes such as Barbarians and Paladins are probably the easiest to start with for a beginner. Clerics are also a very strong and safe class if you want more variety without the early game fragility of classes like Wizards or Rogues.
  • Don't underestimate Healer's Kits. In addition to providing good healing and poison/disease removal with a moderate investment in the Heal skill, using them in battle doesn't give your enemies free attacks the way using healing potions does.
  • Take advantage of your enemy's weaknesses when fighting powerful bosses. Melee brutes often have low Will and/or Reflex saves whereas spellcasters often have low Fortitude saves, making it easier to land spells and abilities that check against those saves. Melee characters in particular shouldn't neglect their Knockdown ability which, with enough Discipline, can render casters nearly helpless.
  • Low levels can be pretty tough for Wizards and Sorcerers. Make good use of your familiar and/or monster summoning spells, and bring a physically tough henchman with you. Get a ranged weapon such as a crossbow for tagging monsters between spells.
  • When choosing a Familiar as a Wizard or Sorcerer, the Pixie is a very strong candidate. She has all the rogue skills and will open chests and disarm traps for you, allowing you to bring a sturdier henchman than the Rogue with you.
  • If you plan to multiclass, it can be worth banking some Skill Points as you level up in order to avoid cross-class penalties. For example Fighter/Rogues can spend saved up skill points on Tumble once they take a Rogue level in order to get the AC bonuses from the skill faster.
  • If you're really struggling, pop open the Aurora editor that comes with the game, make yourself a little one-room level with a chest, and fill that with whatever crazy stuff you desire. Just remember to save your character after loading him up with gear.