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General Notes

  • Use the search box in the top right or the Game List to find tips.
  • Nearly all of the tips in this wiki are from a Something Awful forum thread. This is just a place to store them.

Adding New Tips

  • You need a contributor account to edit the wiki. If you want access, please ask in the Something Awful thread.
  • To add tips to an existing page, find it in the Game List or use the search box, then click "Edit", top right.
  • If you want to create a new game page, the easiest way is to paste the full title of the game into the search box. You'll see a link to create the page above the search results.
  • Add [[Category:Games]] to the end of game pages so they show up on the Game List.
  • If a game title starts with "The", use the following category tag to make sure it appears in the correct place in the games list: For "The Legend of Zelda", [[Category:Games|Legend of Zelda]]
  • You can hide spoilers by using the "spoiler" CSS class. <div class="spoiler">This is a spoiler.</div> gives you:
    This is a spoiler.