Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga

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  • Almost all unit promotions are non-destructive: you can roll them back, and the resources you used for promotion will be returned to you.
  • All units do full damage regardless of what rank they're in, and all units behave the same way on offense no matter where they're positioned in a squad. You can freely put heavy infantry units in the back rank to intercept rogues and assassins without compromising your offense.
  • To more easily scroll through and compare units in a squad, use the "use item" command rather than the "unit stats" command.
  • Magic units will have decreased efficacy the more times they activate in a single turn. This is why your priestess seems to be healing for less and less and you're getting more nervous as an enemy turn continues. Their efficacy will return to full at the end of the turn.
  • You will be able to unlock the entire tech tree at maximum faction rank.
  • When a squad begins a volley, they will follow in sequence based on unit type, with firearms and mages resolving before melee and healers going last. This has a lot of significance for whether a squad will annihilate an enemy squad, or merely cripple it (and both of those outcomes are useful at times).
  • Later in the game, enemy units begin gaining access to some of the tech off the tech tree and the game just flat out won't tell you that this is happening. Most fun of all is when they get the tech that allows firearms units to fire twice in one combat, which is probably going to end up killing units that you sent out with the entirely reasonable expectation that they'd be fine since they could weather one volley. Enjoy!
  • Non-major portrait characters (e.g. Jaromir, Narima, Raskuja, etc.) are usually required to be squad leaders when you first get them and for some time after, but almost all of them can eventually be disbanded and added to another squad as desired. The only way to find out when will be to check after each new mission.