The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

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  • There are 5 Bottles in the game this time, not 4.
  • If you see a fairy shrine where you can toss in rupees, it's not very obvious but there is a ceiling - keep donating
  • There are still bomb-able walls in this version, however they are not marked as bomb-able. Some are obvious and some are not. If you are missing Heart Pieces be sure to bomb suspicious looking walls on the world map.
  • You can place Pins on your world map at any time, and you can change their color. Good for marking out of reach hearts and such.
  • All mini-games have Heart Pieces. This includes the pick 3 chests, the Hyrule race, cucco avoiding, baseball, and 30 second gem hunts.
  • Don't stress saving your rupees. You'll get tons throughout the game, so don't feel obligated to only rent gear.
  • Some people are missing that you can start buying gear by approaching any gear you have rented at your house.
  • The Running Boots are unlocked after the events of the Soft-stone. Be sneaky.
  • The fissures you use to enter Lorule can be hidden quite well. If you can't find an entrance to certain areas in Lorule start merging with walls you can't normally see and going inside buildings.
  • You can find Maiamais in trees. Don't forget to dash into them!
  • The two "Nice" upgrades are found after a certain challenge tower's gauntlet.
  • Can't find any Dark Links? The game will populate a Dark Link to fight about every 4 hours.
  • Minor Spoilery Stuff: If you want to unlock most of the content your first time in Lorule, do the village dungeon and then the sand dungeon (found below the village) in order.
  • Minor Spoilery Stuff: Collecting all the PVP Badges does unlock something.
    The Ultimate Dark Link fight, pretty meh.