Anno 1800

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  • Like other Anno games, the campaign is a tutorial, but it segues in to an endless game when you complete it.
  • Each of the DLC can be turned off at the start of the map. Botanica is just expeditions and a new culture generating building, but the item sets also add fertilities to your island.
  • The Arctic is a great source for gold and fur, but involves a lot of tiny islands and a MASSIVE need for coal. It does provide airships, however, which can almost make a round trip between areas by the time a standard ship makes it one way. They also can't be shot down, so your trade lines will be safe.
  • Your citizen tiers only require their unique goods and whatever the tier directly below them requires that is unique to that tier as well. For instance, Artisans no longer require access to a pub or market, and do not eat fish.
  • Blueprints are the greatest addition to the series and you will love using them.
  • The Sunken Treasures DLC gives you a massive buildable area with a specific set of fertilities and resources.
  • The World's Fair does not provide any benefits other than a culture boost and exclusive items for your production boosting buildings.
  • Culture rating determines the quality of visitors you get at your island.