Astral Chain

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  • The game starts you at the 'Casual' difficulty, and won't rank your fights. You can switch 'Standard PT' difficulty after the prologue if you want the traditional P+ experience of being told you suck
  • Half the combat system doesn't open up until Chapter 3
  • You can recycle cans at recycle bins in the city
  • Check out the control options, controller type C is the closest to Bayonetta controls for you Platinum vets
  • Anything described as 'Salvage' is vendor trash but hang on to cat food!
  • Getting hit doesn't impact your score, feel like that's an unexpected + important note for Platinum vets
  • Looking at enemies with the Iris (+) shows you their health bar and it'll stay after you swap back to normal view.
  • Weapon upgrades are in the room across the hall from the training room fast travel point in the HQ.
  • Legion upgrades are in the map/system menu (-). There's also mini objectives here you need to manually claim the rewards to get and clicking the right analog stick sorts the finished ones to the top of the list.
  • Near death enemies will have a 'finish' prompt to push the A button and doing this refills your health bar.
  • The AED referenced in a couple items and legatus upgrades is the system that revives your character after death, it's essentially your extra lives.