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  • It's recommended to play with a d-pad or keyboard as they allow for more precise dashing than an analog stick.
  • Don't ragequit, take a break! The game has a quicksave function for a reason. Use it freely.
  • Once you beat a level once, you can go back between the sections and see exactly which strawberries you got or missed. All they affect is a small bit of the ending.
  • There are higher-difficulty techniques you may have heard about from speedruns. Hyperdashing, spike jumping, etc. Don't worry, the game will teach you those when you need them.

Further Challenges

  • Save these for if you start really wanting to dig into the game, or after you've beaten the main game and want more.
  • Along with the strawberries, each level also has a hidden tape that lets you get to a harder version of that level, the B-Side. Beating a B-Side gets you a
    Crystal Heart
    , which you will need collect four of if you want to play the
    World 8 A-Side
  • A-Sides also each contain a
    Crystal Heart
    , all of which you will need as well if you want to unlock the
    World 7 B-Side
    . These ones are hidden in much more obscure places, however, most of which will require some serious puzzling, observation, and a bit of "huh, I wonder if that would work." (Or you can look it up, I guess.)
  • Once you've completed all of that, congratulations, you've earned the right to challenge...
    the C-Sides
    . This is where all those speed running skills you got told not to worry about before become relevance. Good luck.