Child of Light

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  • A party member permanently leaves you about 2/3rds of the way through the game so don't waste any dust on them. The member is
  • Here are all the Oculi combinations:

3 Rough gems of the same kind = 1 Tumbled gem

3 Tumbled gems of the same kind = 1 Faceted gem

3 Faceted gems of the samd kind = 1 Brilliant Gem

Sapphire + Ruby = Amethyst

Ruby + Emerald = Citrine

Sapphire + Emerald = Tourmaline

Sapphire + Ruby + Emerald = Diamond

Amethyst + Citrine + Tourmaline = Onyx

Onyx + Diamond = Spinel

Brilliant Onyx + Brilliant Diamond + Brilliant Spinel = Princess Stone

  • All the elements have about the same level of usefulness, but one thing to note is Lightning and Light elements won't get reduced damage against anything.
  • Unless you do a ton of grinding you won't have enough skill points to max everything in your skill trees. I had just enough to max 2 of the trees at the end of my playthrough where I fought everything I encountered. The end of the skill trees unlock about 2/3rds of the way through the game.
  • There are no shops anywhere so be a bit careful about how many health potions you use.