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  • Make sure you're using the chording mechanics. Say you have an open square with a 3 on it. If there are exactly 3 marked squares or revealed monsters adjacent to that square, left-clicking will open all the non-marked adjacent squares. If there are exactly three squares adjacent to it, right-clicking will automatically flag all the adjacent squares. If neither of those are true, nothing happens. Since there is no penalty for clicking on a square if neither of those are true, do it all the time. It will stop you from accidentally marking squares because you didn't see a diagonal, or from miscounting squares and taking damage. Chording is the #1 thing that got me through both quests.
  • Defense is stupid powerful. Buy armor if you can, always get as much defense as you can.
  • If you have 10 coins when you enter a shop you are guaranteed to be able to buy something. Learned that one from a loading screen, but it seems useful.
  • Make sure you're equipping your masteries before you start a quest. Even if Newbie halves your score, half of something is better than nothing.