Dragon Quest VIII

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  • Use a skill guide to see your options (Such as this one: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/583527-dragon-quest-viii-journey-of-the-cursed-king/33338154). There's no respec or skill map in the game, you're just blindly putting points in. In general prioritize each character's unique skill (courage, humanity, etc) and weapon skills that hit multiple enemies, increase critical hits, and ignore defense. The hero uniquely gets a special skill at swords/courage 100. Angelo has the slowest growth rate.
  • Do not sell anything until you get the alchemy pot. The alchemy pot lets you see what items can be mixed and almost all the starting equipment can be used for super powerful late game items. And of course most of your starting equipment is unique. You can safely sell anything that's not an ingredient after getting the pot.
  • If you feel under powered then explore the world map as you reach a new town. The map is huge, contains a lot of hidden items, and you'll be in a good spot if you explore thoroughly before continuing with the story.