Farming Simulator 2013

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  • Sell your canola early, it's a good way to get a cash boost
  • Other than that, hold on to your crops for "great harvests", where the buying price doubles.
  • Bee houses/solar panels/wind generators are free money, and it's very possible to [url=]game the system[/url] with them
  • Turn timescale/grown to fastest/high while you wait for things to grow, then slowest/low when you harvest so you don't have to wait forever and don't have your grain die on the stem.
  • Just stick with wheat/barley to start, canola works out to about the same price and potatoes/sugar beets require a TON of equipment.
  • There's a bunch of shitty tractors hiding around the map to show you where important things are. Use Tab to find them, and then go sell them for some extra starting money
  • Use the yellow starting tractor with the heaviest front weight (or better yet, just buy a better tractor) with the sprayer. Otherwise it will tip over and be a pain in the ass.
  • If you reset the vehicles the extra tractors and some free golf karts will show up at your farm.