Gears Of War 2

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  • Once you get a sniper rifle, keep it at all times (unless you opt for a Torque Bow, either are good). Since you're playing on Hardcore just stick with the Lancer/Sniper (or Torque) combo. And no matter what difficulty you play on, Dom will be useless. Stay in cover when available until all enemies are dead (No infinite respawning enemies ala CoD games)
  • If you want to pick up all the collectibles during your first play through, Achievement Hunter has video guides for all of them.
  • It's worth noting that the collectibles are a lot easier to just come back to than in Gears 1. You have a War Journal that shows which chapter every collectible item is in, so if you miss some (or most) of them on your first time through, you can just go back to those chapters to fill it in instead of doing another full run just for items.
  • There's certain section of the game where you will be exploring an abandoned research facility. Keep your Lancer on you throughout this level, even if you don't like using it. The OHKO melee will be invaluable at the end of the mission. Don't do what I did and bring a Boltok and Flamethrower...