In Other Waters

From Before I Play
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  • Don’t click on the triangle navigation points until you want to navigate them. The color changes permanently. Some areas are pretty maze-like and it helps to be able to see areas that you haven’t explored yet.
  • It’s not explained well but you can recharge oxygen and power by clicking and dragging samples on to them. The top number on a sample is the amount of oxygen it restores and the bottom number is for power. Save new unknown samples for research.
  • Some areas can’t be navigated to until you clear an obstruction/make an obstruction with spores, other areas require plot items.
  • Feel free to explore at any point, the point of no return is pretty obvious and the plot unlocks new areas. The first upgrade is needed to explore some locations.
  • Each area has a recharge/spawn point that also unlocks a topological map. Worth finding it sooner rather than later.