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  • Since everyone has their own quirks, it would be best to figure out what they're capable of as soon as you get them so that way you can shut down enemies as reasonably fast as possible.
  • Some characters, like Dhar, perform a buff instead of an attack. In his case, it beefs up his neutral attack and up attack per action and he can hold 12. Also, buffs like this carry on between fights.
  • Certain obstacles will send you back to a specific checkpoint rather than saddling you with minor damage and letting you try to salvage your progress. It's usually the cone-shaped spikes that do this.
  • Getting the red upgrade materials will let you increase your defense and your attack. There's enough to max out both in the game but I wouldn't necessarily call it mandatory.
  • Past a certain point in the game, your buddies will ask you for a favor. If you do it, they get a ton of levels. They range from "talk to someone in an obvious spot" to "collect some things across the game world." Note that, at least as of this writing, the ones that ask you to fight an enemy will probably be incredibly easy because I don't think they tuned them to match your level. Depending on who you ask, this can be nice or not.
  • If there's a barrier or otherwise impassible obstacle/gap, you probably don't have the tools to deal with it or you need to think about how to apply them if you do.
  • Don't grind, you get your most significant power increases at key story moments.
  • The archer is the best option for building Iddhi meter you'll have for a while.
  • Aside from getting the timing down for perfect blocking, you should be good to go for most encounters. Be aware that there are a few enemies that absorb magic damage, which means Razmi won't be of much use aside from burning one bar for a light party heal.
  • There are no permanent missables
  • You only need 100 of the 108 collectibles to unlock everything in the game
  • I really recommend tracking them down, as you play, very few require true backtracking. Each increase of these, especially defense, is a monstrous boost of your power and survivability.
  • You may encounter weird dead ends in occassion with nothing in them. These are for party member sidequests.. The game does a really bad job of hinting they are available and they can only be done in the final act. You dont need to do any of them