Life Is Strange

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  • Take the time to look around Kate's room when you get the chance.
  • If something goes wrong with no visible way to fix it/avoid it, try rewinding time and doing it again. Forewarned is forearmed.
  • Your plant only needs to be watered once over the course of the game.
  • Pay attention to the little stuff people say, it's often relevant and may open new conversation options with other peopl - or even with that same person, if you rewind. There'll be a chime and a visual sign if this is the case, but there's little pieces of relevant information that are just interesting, and these aren't marked.
  • Similarly, whenever you get a chance to be nosy and poke around someone's dorm room, snoop the hell out of it, and pay attention.
  • AVOID SPOILERS, don't even google puzzle solutions unless you have to, and then try to find a spoiler-free walkthrough. Half the fun of the game is the sucker punches it deals you.
  • If you miss collectibles like the photo spots you can find, don't sweat it; you can always go back from the main menu using the collectible mode, which lets you just wander around and shoot some cool-ass photos without worrying about the plot.