Rainbow Six: Vegas

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  • The key to strategic team based shooters is simple... it's the Seven P's! Proper Preparation and Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. The number one mistake you can make is to rush into any room without a plan or a strategy. For the vast majority of the games, time is on your side, so use it.
  • Most the weapons are very well rounded. In my experience, though, I would always keep at least one Assault Rifle, and then whatever else you want to play with (depending on your play style). Don't take a Sniper Rifle, however, because you can do the same damn thing with an assault rifle and a good scope, AND you don't need to dedicate a weapons slot to it.
  • The 6x scope is your friend.
  • Play with a friend. More fun!
  • The machine guns typically have enough ammo to do the level twice over. They are accurate enough for killing foes with single shots or burst fire, and useful for hosing down an area with lead to keep dem terrists hiding behind things.
  • the SCAR CQC with a silencer and hunting scope is an amazing sniper and multipurpose weapon.
  • Don't carry breaching charges, your NPCs have them, and you would be better served with frags, fire, flash, or smoke grenades.
  • Smoke grenades are mission savers. Throwing one at a downed partner will give you cover to revive them when running out there naked would get you swiss cheesed.