Resident Evil Village

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  • Do not sell meat or fish for cash. It is not renewable. You will open up a much better path for it later in the story, but you are not told this when you first start being able to collect it.
  • The game's format sends you to the village, to another place, then back to the village, repeat. Any time you head back to the village, whatever place you left is locked out for the rest of the game, making any leftover loot unavailable.
  • The game follows the RE4 tradition of having treasures that can be combined to make far more valuable ones. You can tell if this is true by the item description, if they are named as "combinable". Some of the second halves of those items are spaced far apart, so don't sell off the pieces unless you are truly desperate.
  • The map will have each room go from red to blue when all items are taken from it. Said items can be anywhere. Under chairs, inside drawers, even glinting gems in the ceiling. If you want to clean the place out make sure you look up.
  • Some horror games demand you stop and fight enemies. This is not one of them. If you can just book it right past enemies then do so. Yes you can get items and cash from their bodies, but a bullet you don't have to spend is often better than one you have to buy.
  • Some weapons have upgrade parts that increase capacity. These also fully refill your weapon, so holding off on equipping them will let you use them as an instant reload in a fight.