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  • Your main priority with spending money should probably be the Healing Potion, followed by the passive experience boost. Later on, the Alchemist's Vial is a good addition to your starting setup as it allows you to use the Healing Potion (alongside all potions) twice from the get-go.
  • Investing in freezing weapons as soon as possible is also a good idea, especially on Savage difficulty. The extra hit they allow you to land on each enemy will save a lot of health in the long run.
  • Using an item doesn't take a turn, nor do certain abilities such as the Farmer's self-healing Cornucopia.
  • Small black slimes will cover a few nearby tiles in slime when killed, and these will in turn spawn more slimes after a few turns if not "cleaned up" by walking over them. It's best to lure them into a confined space before killing them to make the cleaning easier.