Tales of Phantasia

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  • If you're having trouble then try walking up to the enemies and blocking a lot. If you do the thing where you run up to the enemy and hit him and run all the way back you sometimes risk getting stunlocked while turning around. Also, I don't think this is spelled out, but you can do variations on the basic attack by pressing up or down at the same time as attack, and also pressing the attack button twice does a jumping attack which can knock the enemy away.
  • Also, try to avoid using your TP in dungeons until you get a TP accessory. To level up your moves you'll usually grind them on the overworld next to an inn.
  • I think you can use L and R to move your "home point," where you run back to after attacking. If you sidle right up to a guy, you won't have to run anywhere, so you can stunlock him back into a corner and cheese from there.
  • Don't lean too hard on any one party member, the game has a habit of pulling them randomly at unexpectedly.