The Last Story

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  • Immediately go into the menu and change "Attack Type" from automatic to manual. This will let you attack by pressing the A button in combat rather than attacking with the control stick when you're near an enemy.
  • Don't neglect your crossbow! A decently upgraded crossbow with anti-magic bolts can usually one-shot enemy wizards with a well-placed head shot. You can also use it to pick off dangerous enemies before they get too close, or to stall while your mages are casting.
  • Everyone can equip every kind of armor, so go with whatever looks cool. Upgrading armor makes it bigger, have more accessories, and just look flashier in general (for example, a heavy chestpiece might start as just a gauntlet, but eventually becomes a full chestplate), and you can change the color of any piece of armor with dye.
  • You'll be stuck controlling just Zael for the first ten hours or so, but eventually you'll be able to issue commands (spells and skill selections) to party members.
  • If you see the chapter number skip one (I think the first is somewhere around Chapter 10-ish), it means there's a sidequest Chapter available somewhere in the city. It'll stay available throughout the whole game, you just need to go looking for it.
  • Do the sidequests to help Horace as they become available. Completing them all will enable him to remove curses from weapons at his shop late in the game.
  • There's a man by the arena selling Prank Bananas. Buy as many as you can and shoot as many people as you can with them using your crossbow .
  • Use Gnome Bronze/Silver/Gold as often as you get them for upgrades. You'll get more than you need by the game's end.