Trials of Mana (2020)

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  • Even on Hard difficulty, the game isn't very challenging. After you beat the game there is post-game content that eventually lets you unlock New Game Plus mode and two additional difficulties (Very Hard and No Future).
  • Depending on who you pick as your main/first character there are slight changes to the story and a completely different final chapter. There are 3 paths: Angela/Duran, Charlotte/Kevin and Hawkeye/Riesz
  • Charlotte, Kevin and Duran (depending on his class) have healing abilities, but each character with a trained Spirit stat can be an effective healer using items. The Night Market in Beiser sells Poto Oils, which will heal your entire party.
  • When you meet a new party character, the game will give you the chance to play through their journey up to that point. If you choose no, the game will show a video summarizing their journey, so you won't miss out on any story.
  • In the options menu you can set the dash mode to "Auto" or "Continuous", which will save you from having to click in the left stick except when you first start the game.
  • You can lock onto an enemy in battle by pressing in the right stick to centre the camera on them.
  • You can sell weapons, armor and headgear you no longer use. There's no reason to keep them.
  • The fortune teller in Beiser's Night Market allows you reset your Training Points. The costs depends on the amount of points you get back, so it is cheap early on. If you get the sixth Li'l Cactus reward it will halve the cost of this reset.
  • The boss in the citadel of Laurent (Zehnoa) can be a difficulty spike, because the game really wants you to use their elemental weakness (Water) against it. Conveniently you find a treasure chest with 3x Poseidon Claws right before it. Be sure to put them on your item wheel.
  • For the second class change a character needs to be level 38 and have a certain class item. These come from "???" Seeds which you won't find until Chapter V. The first 6 "???" Seeds you grow will be unique, so you won't get duplicate items.
  • The dungeons in Chapter V all seem to have a chest in them with a "???" Seed. You can consider visiting these dungeons and escaping with a Magic Rope once you've found this seed.
  • Grinding certain enemies to receive "???" Seeds as a rare reward is also possible. For example: the first floor of the Chartmoon Tower with 3 Silver Wolves. Be sure to equip the More Encounter ability so they respawn quickly, you get it from the Ghost Ship guy in the harbor of Beiser.
  • The Daria Gem Valley dungeon can't be reached by walking there. You need to fly towards the Molebear Moors first, because you'll land in an unexplored area.
  • Certain Chain Abilities are unlocked by talking to NPCs. Some of these require specific party members, a couple are missable. Like these:
    • MP Boost 1 - After leaving your jail cell, press the switch on the wall and talk to the Jadd noble in the other cell.
    • HP Boost 1 - Talk to the Priest of Light after his cutscene in Chapter I (when you have a full party).
    • Blacksmith - The dwarf Watts offers you to sell the Nitromyte you need. Accepting his very first offer of 5000 Lucre gives you this ability and an achievement.
    • Converter - On Beuca Island, talk to the Tomatoman hiding near the totem in Tomato Town.
    • Lupine Soul - If Kevin is in your party and Kevin/Charlotte is the main character: follow the Beast King after handing over an item in Chapter IV.