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  • You start the game with 40 Platinum (As opposed to the credits you earn from missions). It can only be used to purchase items or inventory space (Warframe slots and weapon slots are both recommended since they can only be bought with platinum).
  • Don't go crazy in the market everytime you have a surplus. Most things can be earned through hard work, random time-limited alerts, and (lots of) luck. You never know when an alert will give you a blueprint for free. (Weekend events are a good time for free stuff.)
  • Always buy item blueprints from the market using credits. Play missions to get the resources needed to create them.
  • Each planet has its own set of resources, so if a blueprint is asking for something you don't have then you'll have to keep unlocking planets. (Hint: Beat a planet's boss to unlock a new planet.)
  • Start leveling "MK-1" weapons to find what suits your playstyle/warframe abilities. Discard these for the regular versions since they are straight upgrades in every respect. (e.g. use MK-1 Paris first, then move onto the Paris. Same goes for the MK-1 Braton, MK-1 Kunai, MK-1 Bo, etc)
  • You might want to do Void missions to collect some better resources. Void missions require that you have a void key each time you want to deploy there. Collecting the Paris Prime is often recommended.
  • All weapons, warframes and companions gain affinity when brought into a mission. They will gain affinity until they reach level 30 (max rank).
  • Even if you hate using a particular weapon/warframe/companion, take it to max rank before discarding it. This is for two reasons: 1) The higher the rank, the more capacity it will have for mods. Some weapons don't reveal their strengths until they are heavily modified. 2) You can only gain affinity the first time you level up a weapon, so it's always worth maxing it. This is important because...
  • ...your overall experience level (Mastery Rank) goes up when you gain affinity with weapons, warframes and companions.
  • Some items aren't attainable until you reach a certain Mastery Rank.
  • At Mastery Rank 4, you can join syndicates. Find a guide because you're going to trade syndicate offerings for a steady income of Platinum.
  • I believe everyone can trade in Maroo's Bazaar on Earth. You can join a clan in order to trade in their Dojo.
  • Collect mods from fallen enemies and fuse any duplicates or extras to make them stronger. Each mod has rank pips along the bottom, from 3 to 5 to 10. The higher the rank; the stronger the effect. However, higher ranks also mean a higher drain on weapon/warframe/companion capacity.
  • The game will give you damaged versions at the beginning of the game. They will appear cracked and the description will say "DAMAGED". You should not make these stronger, just wait for undamaged mods to drop.
  • You can alter/increase your weapon's mod capacity with Forma and Orokin Catalysts (There are also Orokin Reactors for Warframes/Companions). These will become important once you've ranked up your mods and can't fit 8 all at once.
  • The first mods you want to rank up are Redirection/Vitality for Warframes, and Serration/Hornet Strike/Pressure Point for weapons.
  • You'll soon find elemental mods for Heat, Cold, Electricity and Toxic. These be combined to make even more elements, but check the wiki to find out enemy weaknesses.